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  • Jonathan Pippin Associate
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Jonathan Pippin is divorce, family law, and domestic relations lawyer in Huntsville, Madison, and Athens, Alabama.

Jonathan Pippin moved to Huntsville, Alabama in 1985. He is a graduate of Huntsville High School, the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and Regent University School of Law. After law school, he worked for two years as a congressional staffer in Washington D.C.

For 20 years, Jonathan Pippin has represented and helped clients throughout North Alabama in all matters related to divorce and children. These matters include divorce, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, enforcement of orders, modifications of orders, paternity, as well as asset division and debt division. Jonathan Pippin work for 12 years with the law firm of Ables, Baxter, Parker, Hall, P.C. and 8 year as a solo practitioner. He joined the Moore Firm, LLC in the Spring of 2019.

Having been trained and educated at Regent University School of Law, which integrates Christian principles with legal education, Jonathan Pippin considers it his duty to serve clients to help solve their legal needs.

Jonathan Pippin has long felt that the law is his calling and that helping people his vocation. Jonathan Pippin enjoys working with people and helping them. His services are intended to assist people in all walks of life with their legal problems.

Jonathan Pippin is a “hands on” lawyer and works with his clients personally. Retain him, and Jonathan Pippin will work directly with you. Jonathan Pippin will listen to your concerns, counsel you on your legal options, provide you with the information you need to make a decision you are comfortable pursuing, and represent you fully in your chosen course of action.

Whenever practicable, Jonathan Pippin encourages clients to seek mutually agreed settlements to their family related legal issues. This is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. He has found that often the best outcomes are those that are reached by consensus and agreement, rather than legal force. However, when a negotiated solution is impossible to achieve or disadvantageous, He advocate zealously for his clients and their rights and interests in court.

In addition to domestic relations, his practice also includes personal injury, civil litigation and criminal defense. He is a member of the Alabama State Bar and the Madison County Bar Association.